Friday, August 03, 2012

What we can Learn from Joseph

Many times God will show you your future through dreams, the Holy Spirit, “sent” prophets and the like. I believe the majority of the time, we are not suppose to share these dreams with others unless He has instructed you to do so. God had showed Joseph what his future is going to look like. However, being the innocent soul that he was, he shared his dreams with his brothers, which is understandable; it’s his brothers, right? Well, no. Unfortunately, his brothers did not find it in their hearts to rejoice with him of what his future entails instead they got envious and jealous and they outright betrayed him. In fact, they wanted to kill him! This is why it’s so important not to have people who are jealous and envious around you, they only aspire to harm you, not support you. Learn to sift out your circle. Just like the devil seeks who he may devour; you must learn to sift out, him and his employees! What I like to do, is not tell anyone about anything. The minute (thanks to the Holy Spirit) I feel energy of jealousy and envy from someone I recognize that they are not people I need to share details of my life with. I don’t like to discuss my goals, dreams with people nor do I go around telling them what I own, what I purchase, what I have. If you see it, you see it, if you don't, you don't. I don't need to tell people everything that is going on. Choose your friends and the people you allow in your life VERY WISELY. Moreover, many people hate to see other people succeed in anything and many will even get jealous over little things, so be mindful of people’s attitudes, behavior and energy around you. You will be so surprise on who it’s coming from! You are going to have to pick and choose who you are able to share details of your life with, not everyone is trustworthy and not everyone will celebrate your success, dreams and goals. Learn to zip it up!

So, Joseph brothers decided not to kill him, but instead one of them suggested that they put him in a ditch, God is so good, that this one brother, Ruben, actually was going to save Joseph. See, People can be betray you, try to cause trouble in your life because of their jealously and envy, but all of what they try to do DOESN’T STOP WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO. God plan for your life doesn’t change no matter what the situation is. Always remember that. So, instead they sold him into slavery. I believe all this was working out for Joseph’s benefit. Think about it, they planned to kill him, but couldn’t! So Joseph was sold into slavery and eventually ends up in Pharaohs house.

Potiphar was captain of the guard for Pharaoh, the king of Egypt and he saw that the Lord was with Joseph and he was succeeding in everything that he did. He was please with Joseph and made him a personal attendant, and Joseph was in charged of everything! See, what the devil meant for evil, God will turn it around for your good! You can read more of Joseph's story in Genesis chapters 37-47. I can’t give you the entire story here, as this is a blog not a book :- ) , so please read these chapters and get your bible study on! Trust me, you will want to read about Joseph. You'll be surprise about what you will learn about yourself , people and most importantly about God. Eventually, Joseph's dream came too passed and everything that God had showed him.

So what can we learn from Joseph?

First, when God show you something in a dream, He doesn’t mean for you to announce it to the world. No boasting allow! That is not of God. He wants you to trust completely in Him so He can bring it to pass. Learn to be quiet with private matters, even when you are excited about them.

Secondly, be very, very mindful with whom you are sharing your dreams and goals with, not everyone will celebrate with you, even those that are close to you. As you see with Joseph, it was his own brothers that betrayed him, so be careful no matter who it is.

Thirdly, always trust that whatever God has showed you, will come to pass, no matter the circumstances, the setbacks, the trials or betrayal. God will do what He says!

Fourthly, be obedient to what God has told/called you to do no matter who’s against it. We are here to please God not people.

And lastly, do not hold un-forgiveness towards anyone who have done you wrong, lied on you, betrayal you. Joseph was the one his brothers end up in front when they were faced with a famine. He could have easily, let them die with hungry, but he choose to forgive them and help them (Genesis 43-44). People, who do wrong things to you, don’t know what their future entails. They don’t know if one day you will be that very person that they have lied on, betrayed, and now they have to come to you for help. So always focus on being the better person and not a wicked person. God blesses those who inspire to be more like Him not more like the devil. So keep you self free from hate, grudges, bitterness, revenge and un-forgiveness. I know it’s hard and you just want to pay back what have been done wrong, but God said the battle is His, (2 Chronicles 20:15). You should be in a place so content with God and His blessings in your life; that you don’t have the time to talk about your haters nor have the space in your brain to think about them. Stay focus on God!

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